Recovering and relaunching companies

Is the situation of the company's treasury damaging the business?

Corporate M&A

Do you want to sell your company? Want to buy a company or business?

Credit and loan portfolio acquisition support

Do you know why Banks sell real estate underperformed loans, within execution and bankruptcy judicial proceedings?

Contabilidade consultadoria financeira e redução de custos

Are you going to create your business and want an accounting service?

Applications for incentive systems

Do you want to start your own business?
Do you want to invest in your company?
Do you want to expand your business or invest in the qualification and internationalization of your company?

Startup support services

Are you an innovator, created your Start Up and need support?

Causa & Feito is a management consulting, financial services and accounting company. Founded in 1997 in Marinha Grande, Causa & Feito is today structured in different business areas in various locations in the country, with the aim of intervening on the aspects that most affect the competitiveness and performance of companies with a special focus on the recovery of companies and mergers and acquisitions. We aim to keep in the economy the agents that positively contribute to economic development and social sustainability. 

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