Accounting, financial consulting and cost reduction

• Are you going to create your business and want an accounting service?

• Do you want a different accounting service than you have at the moment?

• Do you want accounting to be a management tool for your company?

The longer your accounting remains uniquely geared towards meeting tax obligations, the more difficult it will be to use it as a management tool.
Monthly or quarterly advice based on financial reporting allows for more effective management and makes the business naturally more profitable.
Accounting should always be a management tool never decoupled from any strategic decision making.

• Analysis on business, standards, procedures and documentary circuits;
• Processing of accounting documents and compliance with tax obligations;
• Monthly or quarterly management reports tailored according to client’s needs and wishes:

Profit & Loss;
Periodic Balance Sheets;
Profitability maps and indicators (KPI´s and/or KRI´s);
Performance charts;
• Preparation of official models (VAT, IRC and IRS declarations);
• Human Resource Management
• Preparation of annual financial statements and annual accounts;
• Fixed Assets Management (acquisitions and divestitures); Analysis of tax and accounting added value; Tax benefits and reinvestment;
• Accounting recovery.

Financial Consultancy
Doesn’t your company have the size to have a full-time CFO in your team?
Financial Consulting consists of an external financial director / consultant, for small and medium-sized companies, with experience in different areas and sectors and for whom the most important in business are results.

This service provides companies with technical assistance in economic-financial issues, enabling a constant support and assistance in all accounting and financial areas.
Financial consulting comprises the following services:

• Management of the relations with financial institutions;
• Expansion or new business investment studies;
• Implementation of the budget management system;
• Budgeting and monthly or quarterly monitoring of deviations;
• Assistance in negotiation processes with banks, in addition to economic viability studies of companies / businesses;
• Treasury planning in order to predict treasury breakdowns or surpluses in order to grant funding and minimize financial costs;

Cost reductions
Are you aware that renegotiating many of your services would save you a lot of money?
Do you know that you can access interest rate reduction conditions in financing agreements?
Does your company have all the costs effectively minimized?

Let’s optimize costs in your company, using specialized professionals, acting in areas such as:

• Insurance;
• Telecommunications;
• Energy;
• Services related to intellectual property;
• Transportation;
• Fleet management;
• Financial costs;
• Alternative remuneration systems with savings for the company and for the worker;
• And others…

The advantages are undeniable when cost reduction consulting is performed by an external and efficient team. It is not a good practice being internal managers or other internal staff to analyze the company’s overall costs, for human resources are being applied inefficiently due to the lack of technical expertise for the task at hand.
Our client will only pay for the service if, through our service, effective savings are identified and implemented and a percentage of these are implemented.

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