Credit and loan portfolio acquisition support

• Do you know why Banks sell real estate underperformed loans, within execution and bankruptcy judicial proceedings?

• Do you intend to enter the credit acquisition business?

• Causa & Feito analyzes the value of either portfolios or single credits, and promotes all negotiation with banks and remaining financial institutions.

It is currently one of the most profitable and attractive forms of investment in the real estate market, satisfying investors and lenders.

Bank creditors anticipate receipts, and investors assume their position in legal proceedings, until the sale of the property is completed, and can always be awarded / bought, with tax advantages and with attractive prices.

These are clearly advantageous deals for those who sell and for whom they purchase credits from, but they do not do so without the support of experienced professionals, both in terms of credit assessment and procedural contingencies, and in terms of specialized legal support, this subcontracted by Causa & Feito.

With extensive experience in credit analysis and its recoverability, Causa & Feito has now created a support service for investors who want to monetize their capital through the acquisition of credits.

Businesses are more complex, sometimes slower and more time-consuming, but it is these characteristics that allow them different returns from traditional business.

1st Phase: Loan Analysis
• Credit supporting documents analysis, and process and legal status.

2nd Phase: Collateral Valuation
• Valuation of the properties that guarantees the credit, using external appraisers, registered with the CMVM, using either the comparative method or the ash flows ethod, or both, if applicable.

3rd Phase: Credit positioning towards third parties
• Loan relative creditor positioning in terms of hierarchy, as there may be privileged creditors or even collaterals ahead of the creditor, with whom it may be negotiations, on retention rights invoked or already decreed, leases or other charges.

4th Phase: Temporal Analysis
• A temporal perspective of the expected time frame that can elapse from the acquisition of the loan until the investor’s intentions materialize, specifying an optimum scenario and a bad scenario.

5th Phase: Final Report elaboration and Bank Negotiation
• This last phase consists and contemplates the elaboration of a final report which will be the baseline of the negotiation terms and process with the selling bank.

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