Applications for incentive systems

• Do you want to start your own business?

• Do you want to invest in your company?

• Do you want to expand your business or invest in the qualification and internationalization of your company?

Os sistemas de incentivos ao investimento são instrumentos que apoiam a criação de empresas, expansão ou adaptação às exigências de mercado, através do financiamento da sua atividade.

Community funds from the Portugal 2020 program, and soon from Portugal 2030, are one of the most relevant incentive systems for Portuguese large companies and SMEs, constituting an option to consider when carrying out your investment project.

However, companies' investment decisions should not be made without the support of a rigorous study. This allows to evaluate the added value and profitability of the investment, as well as the most suitable sources of financing.

Our experience in the current Board and in the previous Community Boards, as well as the satisfaction of our customers, allow us to guarantee quality throughout the process, respecting the following phases:

1st Phase: Diagnosis

- Preparation of a diagnosis of the company, in its various functional areas, allowing the identification and classification of the necessary investments;

2nd Phase: Framework

- Verification of the company's access conditions to the support provided for in Portugal 2020 or others;

3rd Phase: Economic Study

- Elaboration of the Economic and Financial Feasibility Study of the project, formalization and delivery of the application to the entity responsible for the management of the selected Incentive System;

4th Phase: Application

- Organization of the Application Dossier containing all the documents proving the company's eligibility and elements of the investment grounds;

5th Phase: Follow-up

- Monitoring with the entities responsible for the analysis and approval of the application;

6th Phase: Implementation Consulting

- Consultancy to monitor the execution of the Investment Project, in order to guarantee the fulfillment of the conditions foreseen in the incentive concession contract and maximization of the approved incentive.

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