Causa & Feito


Transmitting knowledge, establishing a long-term relationship, helping you achieve your goals, aiming at your satisfaction and recommendation

Know - how

Application of our technical knowledge in a practical and efficient way. Detect opportunities and solutions for our customers

Efficiency and efficacy

Choice of the correct means of action, execution and resolution, with a view to achieving the proposed objectives and the intended results

About Us

Causa & Feito is a management consulting, financial services and accounting company. Founded in 1997 in Marinha Grande, Causa & Feito is today structured in different business areas in various locations in the country, with the aim of intervening on the aspects that most affect the competitiveness and performance of companies with a special focus on the recovery of companies and mergers and acquisitions. We aim to keep in the economy the agents that positively contribute to economic development and social sustainability. 


The continuity of our processes and the success of our customers make our company the transversal reference in the financial and economic recovery of private and active companies.


Make available means and strategies that make it possible to keep in the economy the agents that positively contribute to development and social sustainability.

Our values:


Be whole and of character in all our activities

Technical Excellence

Search for constant perfection


Together with all the entities with which we collaborate


Developed in pursuit of goals and results


Ethics and social responsibility in all actions


Commitment to the duties assumed


Causa e Feito

Relationship between two consecutive events, the second event being a consequence of the first