Recovering and relaunching companies

• Is the situation of the company's treasury damaging the business?

• Does the company have debts to the Tax Authority and / or Social Security?

• Is the company in default in relation to Banking and Suppliers?

• Do you have problems with the deadline for receiving customers?

• The economic situation in the sector is not favorable, but are there good prospects?

For companies that are going through particularly difficult economic and financial periods, there are several mechanisms that allow their recovery and, consequently, their relaunch.

After an in-depth diagnosis of the company current situation and the motives that have caused seemingly unsolved difficulties, and together with the administration / management, the best strategy will be analyzed using the recovery instruments, both judicial and extra judicial:

• PER – Special Revitalization Process, inserted in the CIRE (Insolvency and Company Recovery Code);
• Insolvency Plan or Settlement Plan (company or establishment sale), via CIRE (Insolvency and Company Recovery Code);
• RERE – Extra-Judicial Company Recovery Regime
• Possibility of negotiating with creditors without recourse to institutional measures.

Goals to be achieved with the implementation of the chosen recovery measure:

• Reducing outstanding capital balance (OPB)
• Decrease in the creditors required and applied interest rates;
• Adjusting workforce to the business size;
• Grace periods either of principal and/or interest, including installments;
• Suspension of all execution proceedings against the company and grants avoidance

Todo o trabalho será sempre executado com recurso a serviços de apoio jurídico especializado.

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